Make A Dollar With oDesk

oDesk is a company with a global job marketplace and a series of tools targeted at businesses That intend to hire and manage remote workers. To hire and manage remote workers through oDesk is easy, you can simply have oDesk account and if you have not got then you can register. To get oDesk account simply register free of charge.

To get jobs from oDesk, it is not easy but also not too difficult. of course all depends on several factors. As we know that oDesk is the gathering place of the freelancers from various countries like Armenia, Bangladesh, Serbia, USA, Indonesia, etc.

Usually a new freelance get a job offer after several months depending on the relevant experience and potofolio freelancers owned. There are some things you must consider when you want to find work through oDesk :

  1. Freelancer World is the world of work that you can fool around, which means that if we want to be a freelancer, then take some time and thought to focus in this work. because this is not a job based on time but the target (at generally).
  2. If you have registered in oDesk oDesk then fill out your profile with a good, comprehensive and quality. The most important use good and correct English.
  3. Take some tests on oDesk that match your abilities. For example if you want to take a job-job like website programming, networking, take a test that is related to your field. This is very important in the eyes of our prospective client.
  4. If you have then you can include portofilo or jobs that you have created. For Example if you are a web programmer than you can include a link or fill out a list of the portfolio in your profile.
  5. Use the subscription email about projects or most recent job listed on oDesk, so we do not miss the information about the latest job, who knows there is a fit with your capabilities.
  6. when you apply for a job on oDesk, reassure the client that we can do them well, quickly and professionally.
  7. Be a freelancer who is responsible for client and project we do, this is the most important and makes you get more job offers, because if the client had been satisfied with the results of your work, then for the future you will be more easily get a job offers.
  8. When prospective clients include email or Yahoo Messenger, try to offer ourselves to contact them if there are important things that need to be discussed.
  9. Keep learning and study, because only freelancers who continue to learn that will survive to become a freelancer, why because freelancer is an uncertain job.
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